Welcome to Power Yoga Collective! We are a community of yoga studios that believe in the power of CONNECTION and POSSIBILITY. We just happen to teach yoga. At Power Yoga Collective studios we promise that you will have an impactful experience that moves your body and awakens your soul. Our fundamental concern is to leave you with the experience of deep BELONGING. Whether you flow with us from your mat at home or in one of our hot yoga studios, we see you and YOU are part of the POWER YOGA COLLECTIVE.

For over a decade we have been cultivating and growing a powerful community of yoga studios. Backed by years of experience, and the courage to make lots of mistakes, we are ready to share the magic juice with YOU!. If you have an existing yoga studio and you are ready to uplevel your business and grow your community then JOIN THE POWER YOGA COLLECTIVE!  If you are ready to open a new yoga studio fully backed and supported with an extensive SOP manual and village of supporters then JOIN THE POWER YOGA COLLECTIVE! One thing we have learned over and over through the years…… that sure you can go it alone, but wow it is way more fun to grow together!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
-African proverb